Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stop! Potty time.

Stella has hit that age, the age where her Mother is reading chapters and chapters about toilet training and constantly questioning her on needing to do a 'wee wee'. Toilet training is imminent.

If she see's me head to the bathroom (considering I have a pregnant woman's bladder, this is quite often) she spends the next twenty minutes embarrassingly but adorably chanting "Mama do a weeee, mama do a weeee, mama do a weee!". I know she is psychologically ready, and almost physically ready, but I am still a little lost as to how to start. Toilet training is a whole new world of confusing. 

I stumbled across Potty Time online a few weeks back. I have been browsing the website for tips and tricks as well as showing Stella cute little animations and sing alongs about needing to go to the toilet. Who knew toilet training could be so fun! My favourite part of the website is easily the potty training resources section. I have printed the training chart and accumulated a supply of glittery star stickers, as well as downloaded the app for my iPhone. Seriously, this website is a godsend for the 21st century mama.

We are still in the learning process currently and I am happy to take the entire experience as slowly as it needs to go. Each tiny step by each tiny step!  I am currently waiting to receive a copy of the Potty Time training DVD. I cant wait to share it with you all and begin our little adventure to Independence! Why oh why do our children grow up so quickly!

Plenty of love, 

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