Friday, March 30, 2012

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Winter Love Care to Share?

This weeks smile inducers...

I have lovingly gazed over many play teepee's since before Stella was even born, and now that I know I am having two girls, I am even more determined to have one! We found This pattern online to make your own teepee, and I plan on roping Nick into helping me create a little book reading haven for our girls very soon!

*  My cousin has entered the world of blogging! Make welcome to one of my most favourite relatives (Shhhh!) and follow her journey of wedding planning and healthy living.

* has given me so many inspirational parenting articles to read lately, I am becoming quite the regular reader! This post really struck a chord with me, it is about how we micromanage our children and hover over them like 'heli-mamas'. Definitely a recommended read this week!

* How damn hard is it to find sweet, designer boys clothes? Very hard. Until now that is! My friend Airlie has released her line of baby boys clothing and it is to-die-for! Make welcome to Sweet Monster.

* Nick and Stella both love muesli bars, so I am currently on the lookout for some homemade alternatives I can whip up for them (feeding our loved ones feels so good, doesn't it?) This recipe for Sinless Snack Bars sounds delish!

* Are you a Pinterest user? What do you think of the concerns over Pinterests terms and conditions? Are you going as far as deleting your boards? Personally, I'm staying aboard...I am a huge fan.


  1. I use Pinterest and I've been working a lot harder at trying to make sure I only pin things I can credit to the creator. That article definitely raises some interesting points. If someone pinned one of my photographs I think I'd be pretty chuffed about it - but I don't earn a living from my photography and if I did, it might change my opinion about it.

    I don't feel the need to delete my boards - and I hope that if I pinned something that someone didn't want me to pin, they'd let me know and I'd do whatever I could to rectify it.

    1. I've been trying a lot harder to include a source or credit aswell lately, the article made me realise how disheartening it must be for some artists or business people to get used and ripped off without realising.

      Pinterest is still amazing! And totally addictive ;)