Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stella Winter; 20 months old.

Stella Winter 20 months old

The age of discovery and learning self-reliance, the age of constant chatter and endless giggles. Stella is now 20 months old, and counting down to the end of her second year.

It really is hard to comprehend that she has been on this earth for less that two years. At times she seems so wise and knowledgeable that I forget how young and 'new' she is. How much she still has to learn and how many experiences await her.

I see so much more personality in Stella now than ever before, she was born with a stubborn nature and cheeky grin but it was always just an underlying inkling I had about who she may be. Now, everyone knows who she is! She knows who she is and is certainly very confident in herself. She is in no way shy, forever yelling "Hiii" to strangers or waving to a passers by. I watch her play and experience the world around her with barely a tingle of doubt in her mind, she holds her head high and has an urge for Independence so strong that it hurts me to let go a little. Sometimes this confidence is a blessing and one I wish could remain untainted through to her adulthood, but other times it can be a worrying trait. She doesn't often show caution or trepidation and will adventure with not so much as a glance backwards, which means that I need to be always aware and alert. One of these days she is going to take a tumble or a fall I swear!

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed a slight change in Stellas show of affection for me. She has always favoured her Dad and Nick over me for play, but has increasingly began to rely on me for her comfort. I am totally gobbling up all that cuddly goodness and making the most of it while I can. I have a strange feeling that perhaps she is sensing and understanding my growing belly more than I know, maybe her increase in affection is brought about by her comprehension of the baby, and what the future holds.

Stella's most noticeably reached milestone has again been in her vocabulary. Gosh, that girl can talk! She is now clearly saying in abundance of 50 single words and learning a new one each and every hour. Some of her newest favourites include "Careful!" When navigating a dangerous climbing adventure or "Motorbike" when she hears a roaring engine drive up our street. She has began pairing two words together with ease and practices whenever she gets the chance. Some of the most popular phrases are "Lets go!", "Shoes off", "Drink please" and "Luff you" (Love you). However, there have been some phrases that have come with a silent set of giggles from mama. How do you react when your sweet little girl comes out with "Oh gawd!" and "That sucks", at totally appropriate (yet not so) times.

Stella still pushes us to the limits of our patience with her dinner time stubbornness. We try and try for new and exciting things but are going through another phase of plain pasta or plain noodles only. Everything else ends up on the floor or on mama, or as I have been told by her childcarers, up the wall. Despite her refusal to eat a varied diet, she is definitely a healthy little girl. We rarely get a cold or snuffle anymore and can count our stars lucky that she still loves fruit as much as she did the first time puree was put into that little mouth.

She still has a 2-3 hour sleep each afternoon, which at her age warrants a gold medal! I have friends with children of similar ages who have given up their daytime naps and I have no idea how those mothers cope. I am so lucky that she is still getting such a large sleep in during the day and I am touching every wooden surface possible in the hope that it remains that way when baby #2 comes along.

With all the challenges and frustrations that come with parenting an energetic toddler, also comes a sense of pride and victory. We made it this far, we are still smiling most days. I am ever so grateful that Stella is a healthy and happy child, her happiness is reflected and shone onto all those around her, like the warmth of a star. She really is living up to the meaning of her name.

I can't wait to see you become an older sister and watch you mature and grow more each and every day, Stella. 20 whole months! Oh, the adventures the next few months will bring! 

Plenty of love,

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