Monday, March 21, 2011

Through the window.

It's overgrown and messy. But beautiful.
This is the view from my kitchen window. I love the deep, alluring green and the contrasting soft, delicate pink roses, with large, sharp, perfectly pointed thorns. When i'm unpacking the dishwasher, steralising the bottles, mashing the banannas, stewing the pears...this is what I see.
Understated, raw beauty. And just for me.
When i'm stressed, exhausted, angry, frustrated or just a little blue, I am faced with this view, it's very calming. Even more beautiful when it's a gloomy, rainy day; it seems to almost glow.

These pictures don't do justice at all (We all know my skill with taking photos!) But I wanted to share my little piece of beauty with you.

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful - I love this! And your photos DO do it justice! It's deep, alluring and moody... but all in a good way... <3