Monday, March 28, 2011

Obsession Confession.

Watercolour print from Etsy here

Birdcages. I cannot get enough of them. I love all the different shapes that can be found; hexagonal, dome, square, heart shaped. There is something symbolic for me about a beautifully shaped, delicate looking birdcage. Perhaps freedom? An empty cage means the bird has flown...all that's left is the air of memories, security and maybe a feather fallen in flight.

I have a small collection of birdcages in my house, but still not enough to satisfy my yearning! Recently, I added to it with some wall decals ($10 from kmart if you can believe it!) I love how they look when my room is lit up by just a lamp, I love how they look in the bright of day also. Looking at something often that you find truly beautiful can have such a positive impact on the mood.

I am going to put a permanent mark of beauty where I can see it everyday, forever. Where everyone else can see it everyday forever... With a birdcage tattoo! Looking at it will make me smile.

Is there a certain image or pattern that screams beauty to you? Something that instantly lifts your mood? I believe that you can never have too much of a beautiful thing. So, let loose and surround yourself with a smile inducing image, item or pattern.


  1. For me, without a doubt a bird.
    Anything bird related lifts my mood... I'd even buy the most boring book in the world if it had a bird on the cover.
    It's amazing how you get so hooked on something and you just can't shake it... your birdcages are amazing - and they suit you. I see a birdcage and instantly think: "NAT!"

  2. I love bird cages and birdies too, you should see my bedroom! In fact, I'll take some photos later and post them on my blog. It's ridiculous the amount I have, but they're so cute! <3 <3

  3. Frogs.. Bright Green frogs.. Its really weird. I think it may be the colour. =)

  4. my sister bought me a gorgeous bird cage for my 30th birthday and I just adore it :)
    I am now on the lookout for a pretty little bird to sit in it