Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty in Bloom

Bloom Coco Stylewood Rocker
Self rocking, contemporary, Micro-suede or leatherette seat pad, easy cleaning, looks incredible, Suitable from birth to 12kgs.

I adore Blooms modern designs, and 'clean' styles. I WISH I had this rocker for Stella when she was a newborn. It would have been so handy to use when eating tea or even taking into the bathroom so I can see her whilst having a shower. Especially as an alternative to a play mat when those little wriggly arms and legs start to become more adventurous and baby will no longer just lay gazing at a dangly toy. The price tag is totally disheartening and it really is only a luxury item rather than a necessity. Perhaps something you ask that 'she's loaded, but shhhhh' relative to put towards, or something you hint to as a Christmas present for the family. I don't like to encourage reckless spending, but somehow...You need to get it!

This is definitely on my list for baby number 2 (If such a thing ever happens!)

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