Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The ride.

Sweet, Sweet Stella,

I wish I could prepare you for all. For the rollercoaster that is life. The incredible potential ups, the inevitable sometimes devasting downs and the straight and unknown inbetween. You will experience the ride for yourself, no matter how well I prepare you, how tightly I hold you and how long I stall you. But, know that during this ride I will be right there beside you.

At 3, You will cry when angry, get angry when frustrated, get frustrated when you can't do. You will play happily, learning quickly and eventually be able to do anything.

At 5, You wont want to go to sleep, you'll do everything possible to avoid it. You will fall asleep eventually dreaming sweetly and resting peacefully. Trust me, you will.

At 7, You will be picked on. You will be singled out by your differences, whatever they may be. It will hurt. But you will keep going, you will make friends and laugh. You will be loved by others whilst you are disliked by some.

At 9, you will want to fit in. In any way possible. You don't need to. You are unique and so are they, they just like to pretend they are not.

At 11, You will question the world and its secrets. You will question me and my secrets. You will second guess me, After all...I start to look more human. You will see my mistakes and take note of them.

At 13, You will be overwhelmed. School is hard or boring. You will have fights. With everyone. You will cry out of frustration, I will cry out of frustraion.

At 15, boys. tears. love. You will heal and learn real love from play love. Stick with play love for now, trust me.

At 17, You will dream. Write them down often and chase them hard. Don't let them fade into the pile of 'one-day'.

At 19, You are the age that I was when I became pregnant with you. Whatever you are doing, do it because you want to. Do it because you love it. Don't be told 'no' or 'you should' or 'you cant'. Just do it. (However, do consult me first!)

Sometime before you are 40,  (or not, society is ever changing) You will have children. You will experience everything I am now. The wonder, the fright, the unknown, the satisfaction, the sadness, the joy. And still I will be by your side, each and every step of the way.

I love you Stella,
Buckle up baby, we are in for a ride!

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  1. This is so sweet.. It actually gave me goosebumps. Its everything I would like to say to my girls.