Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nappy Wrappin' Mums

The Tomme Tippee Nappy wrapper was a time saver for me when Stella was a newborn. If you are going to use disposable nappies, this is the ultimate toy! I purchased it spontaneously during a Boxing Day sale when I was pregnant, not really knowing much about it. Thank goodness I did. When you are changing nappies almost every hour in the first few weeks- 1am, 2am, 4am, 5am... You will thank me. Or Tommee.

It individually wraps each nappy in a fragranced anti-bacterial film, trapping smells and killing germs. I emptied the bin once a week or fortnight when it was full. Which meant I could change the nappy, put it in the bin (which I kept right next to the changetable), twist the lid and go back to bed (that would be the plan). I don't use mine anymore as i'm not changing Stella as much as I used to. But I know many people who continue to use theirs through to toilet training time.

I'd definitely recommend Tommee Tippee be your nappy wrapping friend when you bring that little poopin' bundle home from the hospital. In fact, you could even have my pre-loved near new one! He certainly saved me precious time for more important things.

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