Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bumbo Bots

Bumbo is the word on mummy street at the moment! So many people are raving about these innovative new chairs. If Stella could talk she'd be saying "But all the other kids have one, so why don't I?"  Because I don't actually have one (I must have been hiding under a rock when they hit the shops) I asked my friend Megan to write a review on her Bumbo experiences, Megan has a son, Xavier who is 3 months old and loves his Bumbo!
"The Bumbo allows your child to sit unassisted before they have developed the skills themselves. The Bumbo uses the babies own weight to keep the chair stable, so is not recommended for use once your child starts to arch their back and struggle to get out of it, as it can tip backwards. Needless to say, a child should NEVER be placed on a bench or table in the chair and then left unattended! You would think this would be VERY common sense, but according to all of the horror stories you can find online, apparently it’s not!

The chair allows Xavier’s Daddy and I to actually enjoy a hot meal at the same time, as he can sit at the table with us without one of us having to hold him. With the Bumbo Play Tray attached it makes a great substitute for a Highchair when he is enjoying his mushy, squishy, messy baby food. The tray is also great for play time, as the smooth surface means that suction-cap toys can be attached so that they don’t get thrown across the room.
The best advice I was given was from our Child Health Nurse who recommended that for as long as your child spends in their Bumbo, they should spend twice as long in Tummy Time so that they can continue to develop their abdominal muscles at the same rate as their upper body and neck muscles. This will help when it comes time for the baby to sit up alone, as they will be able to hold themselves up, and not slump forward from their belly.
To put it in the most simple way I can, our Bumbo chair is simply AMAZING! It is, without a doubt, the greatest baby item that we own, and I would recommend it to everyone!"

Some of the babes I know in their Bumbos- Xavier, Isabel, Evie, Bonnie and Kyla.
Does your babe have a Bumbo crush?
N.B whilst browsing around the net about Bumbo's I came across a lot of controversial information. Something about a recall in the USA of a certain model of the 'Baby Sitter Bumbo', I am unsure as to the truth in these stories. But rest assured, the Bumbo IS safe when used properly. Make sure your baby is the right age, has the right amount of head control, keep baby in view at all times and please don't don't don't put your baby on a raised surface whilst in the bumbo. Be wise and you'll be safe.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! They weren't around when my girls were bubs and I was thinking of getting one for my dear friend who's expecting her own little one in August. That or a nappy cake, just for the sake of making one :)