Saturday, February 11, 2012

Work, life, balance?

Working more often certainly has its upsides, not only is the extra money beneficial but I sometimes find the 'alone time' to be my sanity time, the time I regroup my thoughts and feelings, prepare myself for the days ahead and reflect on the future.

Stella now spends one whole day a week in childcare, starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm. Every time we pick her up she chatters a new song from the backseat of the car, complete with hand actions and giggles, she is exhausted and a little grotty but happy and learning. I am still finding the morning drop off to be an emotional experience, even four months down the track. Sometimes she will have a grizzle but then quickly round up a toy to play with or most recently, a little boy to kiss. Sometimes she will protest at being put down and sometimes she will cry and reach out for me. That is what I find the hardest, I am not one of those mothers with inner strength, I know she is fine when I eventually leave but I just want to pick her back up and head straight back home. A few weeks I have gone to work with hormonal tears in my eyes after a difficult drop off.

Regardless of the emotional mama meltdowns and separation anxiety, our childcare experience so far has been very positive. I am considering keeping her in a half day per week once we are graced with baby #2, to keep her socialising and maybe to help mama with resting? That will be a whole new story of balance then, one that I need to start mentally preparing myself for sooner rather than later, admittedly I am worried about how to successfully balance our new lifestyle in five months time. But for now, we got balance down pat.

Do you feel as though you have good balance between work, childcare and home? How did you deal with balance changes when expanding your family?

Plenty of love,

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