Thursday, February 16, 2012

The big reveal.

Twenty weeks of pregnancy not only marks the halfway milestone but also marks the time of a Fetal Morphology Scan. The scan is more commonly known as an Anomaly Scan, but 'anamoly' sounds so daunting. The scans main purpose is to check for abnormalities in the babies morphology; physical development and growth.

This Thursday we are having our Morphology Scan, I cant wait to see our little un-born bobbing about excitedly on the screen again. Not only are we excited to see our growing life on the screen but we are also anticipating the big reveal! I have had many people ask me throughout this pregnancy (and my last) whether we are finding out the sex or not, and have been quite surprised at the strong opinions of others about what should be done. I have had many people tell me that finding out the sex ruins the surprise and makes pregnancy 'less special', which got me thinking of my reasoning behind wanting to know the sex. Some couples will chose not to find out, other couples will chose to find out. Neither one is the right or wrong way.

These are some of the reasons that led us to decide on finding out the sex of our baby...

1. Organisation. I am a chronic planner, I write lists about my lists and have tomorrows schedule planned yesterday. The same principal applies to my pregnancy, in a time of unknown and uncontrollables, I like to feel somewhat organised. Preparing for the arrival of a girl or boy gives me a chance to prepare clothes, nursery design and names...plenty of time in advance. It helps settle my nerves.

2. Bonding.  Bonding with baby, for me, seems to increase when I know the sex. It helps me visualise my little one and imagine life with them beyond birth. I feel closer to my bump knowing what little being it contains.

3. Personalisation. Similar to bonding, my partner and I are able to personalise our pregnancy experience, we can begin to collect the clothing and pick the final name. We can talk together about our little son or daughter and start personalising their soon-to-be surroundings.

Of course, finding out the sex of the baby is not for everyone. Some couples prefer the excitement and anticipation of finding out at birth, some family members would prefer not knowing. There are valid reasons for each and every persons decision.

Did you find out the sex of your children during pregnancy? Did you enjoy finding out after birth instead? Share with me your stories and opinions, as always I would love to hear them!

Plenty of love, 

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