Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrifting Thrills...A vintage dolls pram!

Last week, we decided to trawl a market we don't often go to. It's closer to home, but just seems to be forgotten about most weekends. And boy am I glad we did! There was a lot of junk and other mens treasures but amongst it all I found some thrills. A  beautiful glass sugar pot, a soup tureen and a 1960's dolls pram!

The soup tureen will become a staple in this household, as my entire pregnancy I have been craving soup, soup and more soup. Vegetable soups, minestrone soups, chicken and corn soups, pea and ham soups...the possibilities are endless now that we have this pretty little soup holder.

The highlight of the day was definitely the pram, the vintage pram find excited me beyond belief. Can you believe it was only $12! Stella strolled around the market trying to manoeuvre the large wheels and it has now found a space in her bedroom, it looks beautiful in there.

Another weekend, another lot of thrifting thrills!

Plenty of love,


  1. gah! I'm SO envious of that pram! I want one for Tallulah so bad but they are ridiculous $$$! I am hoping to find one in an shop op or at the markets one day!

    1. I looked at the actual silver cross balmoral ones online.. the childrens dolls pram is like $900! Thats insane! Hope you find one somewhere soon! And cheeeeap too :) xx