Friday, February 17, 2012

The V word day.

Valentines Day this year was re-named in our household. With a bouncy, vibrant and sticky toddler, attempting anything slightly romantic or relaxed would only end in disappointment. So instead, we decided to celebrate the love we share as a family; The V word was banned and replaced with 'family love day'. Corny? Very. Relevant? Much more than the V word.

We had a family breakfast at a sweet little cafe in the city, Stella loved the first ten minutes and even sat down doodling with a pen on paper for forty seconds. After that...she decided she didn't like cafes, or chairs, or anything for that matter. We inhaled our breakfast and kept sticky fingers occupied with some hollandaise sauce; that, it appears, she is a big fan of.

From there we sipped hot chai tea and made our way to the park, also known as sanity island for parents. Stella toddled her way from the cafe to the car sipping on a baby chino in a takeaway cup; a sight that made my little emotional mama heart melt.

Romance wasnt completely forgotten, afterall, it is the day of love. Nick and I exchanged little gifts and I even did some love-themed baking for him! We fed ducks, browsed the shops, napped in the afternoon and then shared dinner over some bad television. Romantic? No. Lovely? Very.

Family Love Day this year was a roaring, tiring, action-packed success! Family Love Day next year will be interesting...with two little mini cupids running around this house... we may well have to just 'go with the flow'!

What did you do for Valentines Day this year? Do you find it hard to celebrate such a holiday with family in tow? Did you customise your Valentines Day a little as we did, to better suit your lifestyle? Whatever it is that you did to celebrate, I hope it was love filled and sweet!

Plenty of love, 

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  1. Not romantic? I dunno, that all sounds pretty romantic to me! :)