Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Journey; post 2.

The last two weeks have called for growth! My stomach is feeling huge already and I have certainly put on weight in all the wrong places. I feel as though my energy is a little renewed some days, however on other days I struggle to even get out of bed. Blood test results showed that my iron levels are low, although I have been taking iron supplements for months and months. I am looking into iron infusions as an option and hoping that better iron absorption in my body will lead to less fatigue. I feel as though I can barely hold my own head up on a 'bad day'.

Pregnancy hormones must be in full swing because my mood is terrible! I find myself lacking patience and becoming irritated super easily. Once in a bad mood, it is very hard to get out of it. Sometimes just taking myself to a quiet room and fuming is the only way to get through a 'pregnancy tantrum'. 

The most exciting pregnancy related event over the past two weeks has been feeling the tiny flutterings of movement. They are very faint and I can only feel them when laying down flat and concentrating, but still exciting all the same! I am really looking forward to feeling proper movement as the baby grows, it was one of my favourite things about my first pregnancy, I would lay on the couch most nights just giggling at the silly jolts, kicks and turns the baby would make.

I have been doing a little bit of reading here and there about labour, birth and breastfeeding. I know that experience is far more valuable than words on paper, but I still feel as though I need a refresher. This pregnancy, I definitely feel more relaxed and casual. I have planned less, stressed less and thought less. Not because I care less but simply because I am enjoying the moment. There will come a time for planning and last minute preparations, but for now I am just being.

Perhaps it is because I am so distracted with a toddler, relationship, work and household...but this time around I feel less pregnant. Maybe I am overlooking the tiny niggles that bothered me in the first pregnancy and my body is well adapted to the changes. So much so, that I don't feel changed as such? I am certainly looking forward to becoming more pregnant, feeling more pregnant and getting closer to the countdown to baby! 

Looking forward to sharing weeks 17 onwards with you soon!

Plenty of love,


  1. You're looking so lovely - being pregnant makes you glow so much!

    1. Thankyou beautiful! If I only I felt lovely! xx