Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Care to Share?

This weeks smile inducers...

* For the month of February Winter Love sponsored 'Tassie Treasures', a local blog helping to promote Tasmanian businesses, organisations and events. If you are Tasmanian, the blog and Facebook page are well worth looking at the keep in the know about events and businesses we are graced with on this small island. 

* Called 'How to dump your friends', this post on Babble  (found via Little Miss Mama) is a scarily accurate and often all-too-familiar for new parents during times of change; It's called 'inevitable life change'. Are you a believer of a clear, firm farewell? Or a slow, silent drift?  

* No time to be a fun Mum? These are 10 simple steps you can take everyday to be that Mum who is giggling and rolling on the floor with her kids (yet still getting some kind of housework done) I love this post, consider it bookmarked! 

*  Also bookmarked this week is an insightful article on Play Therapy. It explains the power of such play and includes four easy everyday-mum ways we can encourage it. Play isn't just play, it goes beyond and above! 

* How heartwarming is this? Hospital Healing Hampers is a family owned business that provide beautiful hampers that are "full of quality products, packed with empathy, care, pride, acceptance and knowledge" to help you or your loved ones heal physically and emotionally through poor health.

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