Saturday, February 4, 2012


Dishes on the sink, toys strewn from one end of the house to the other and piles of washing waiting to be folded. We could have spent today cleaning up and doing other enjoyable household chores and it was oh-so-tempting but, we didn't. I feel as though we needed a mini family holiday, some spontaneous fun and quality time with just the three of us. Finding that time when baby #2 comes along and sleepless nights are in full swing may be a little hard, and I swear if my pregnant body gets much heavier and any more fatigued I will probably start paying rent to the couch.

The day began rushed and hot, but once on the road we all breathed a sigh of relief. We drove only a short way out of town to visit our local 'Zoo'. Our local zoo is in fact our only zoo, and our only zoo is in fact a wildlife park. But what a wonderful wildlife park it is!

With over 80 species of birds, Tasmanian devils, penguins, crocodiles, wombats, echidna's, kangaroos and monkeys our humble little zoo is actually quite impressive! The first to tick off the list was watching feeding time at the devil enclosure. Stella chanted the word 'de-vil, de-vil, de-vil' over and over and was actually very enthralled with the whole experience. Nick and I call her our little Bindi Irwin, she really is an outdoors, adventure seeking and animal loving child. She picked up a stick from the ground and toddled her way around the park with sheer joy in her steps. She fed her cracker to the Alpaca and stuck her finger up the goats nose, then she came across a friendly yet cheeky cockatoo.

The fact that this cockatoo could say 'hello' was enough to send her into a million fits of giggles, but then he could dance? And laugh? Well, Stella was amazed. She reached out a little finger to pat him on the head and before I could catch it, chomp. We then learnt that the cockatoo could mimic a very loud cry.

I'm not sure whether it was just my intense pregnancy hormones or not, but I found myself feeling teary today. Stella was incredibly well behaved and Nick and I could feel the stress running from our bodies. Sometimes having two part-time stay-at-home parents can be more stressful than helpful, we may be in love... but oh gosh can we step on each others toes and breathe down each others necks that little bit too much.

Today was about appreciating the pretty little state we live in and enjoying the company of our family, seeing Nick get a childish grin from the sight of a crocodile and Stella gasping at the size of a kangaroo bought such happiness and emotion to this pregnant mama.

Plenty of love,

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