Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Sweet Happy Birthday

I have been sitting her for quite some time wondering how to best start this post. With wit and humour? Meaning and conviction? Excitement and celebration? Casual and indifference?

Truth is, I am buzzing. Bubbling with a combination of happy, content, proud nerves and celebrating with a quiet smile inside and out.

Winter Love is celebrating something special today, Winter Love is turning one! 

A year ago, with the encouragement of others I finally began what I had been dreaming of for quite some time. I had been reading parenting and mama blogs even before falling pregnant and felt the fire start within. As a child I adored reading, as a teen I loved writing, as a busy adult I was merely left dreaming. One day, February 2nd to be exact, I stopped dreaming and started being.

Everyday in this journey through the blogosphere I have felt passionate and comfortable. I have written from the heart, staying true to myself, my beliefs and my values. I have been blessed to have the friendship, support and interest from the community of mothers that this blog has surrounded me with. I would even go as far as saying Winter Love has changed me. Not changed who I am, but defined who I am. I have since found a confidence in myself as a person and a mother that I would not have found otherwise, I have met incredible people that I would not have otherwise.

More than any other emotion today, I feel pride the strongest. I have achieved the goals I originally set out to reach for and surprised myself. So today, is about reflecting on my successes, planning for the future and dreaming for the best. It is also about giving credit where credit is due...and that would be with you. My readers. I owe my success and inspiration to you. You have encouraged me, helped me and motivated me with your lovely comments and regular reading. Thankyou for your support and love, I love you all for it.

Happy Birthday to my humble little corner of the Internet...may you grow and prosper, bloom and flourish.

Plenty of love,


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful little blog, I love reading your posts, they really brighten my day! X

  2. Happy Birthday Winter Love! xx

  3. Congratulations! =) Happy blog anniversary!