Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Pre-baby Bucket List

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Before we become a family of four, and a very busy family indeed, Nick and I have a few little luxuries on our bucket list. The simple pleasures that we may have to hang-up during the whirlwind newborn period. What would you have put on your list if you could go back and make one prior to having your first child? Now that list would be an interesting one!

Here is our Pre-family-of-four Bucket List, Enjoy!

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* Go out for dinner. With the three of us, and maybe with just the two of us. Dinner without rushing and lugging around a million baby supplies

* Crash at 7:00pm. Once the toddler is cuddled up to her blankets, go to bed. And sleep all the way through to 7:00am the next day. Oh what a sweet luxury!

* Just get up and go. Don't pack a bag, don't pack nappies, don't look back! Just get in the car and go to the market for a few hours or even browse the mall.

* Watch a movie. Without hitting the pause button or falling asleep.

* Walk pram-free. Stella loves walking without the pram, and soon that will be a little too much to handle on top of carrying a newborn in a sling and with a mama bag over the shoulder.

* Indulge alone. I plan to get my hair coloured and nails done on a day Stella is at childcare and may just spend a few extra minutes enjoying a Chai Latte and a shop. Guilt free!

* Nap. I really love afternoon naps at the moment, my pregnant body also loves them. Soon, I may not get the chance.

* Blog. Unfortunately, my little creative space here will probably not get the attention and dedication it receives now. I am working really hard on getting draft posts ready and sponsorship organised for the next few months of mayhem.

* Enjoy 1 on 1. Make the most of that time, just Nick and I chatting about a TV show or munching late night snacks. Also my 1 on 1 time with Stella, make the most of unlimited puzzle doing and book reading time, just me and her.

Let's see how many sweet and simple indulgences we can tick off the list before baby arrives! What did you find you missed most about your child-free days or days with only one babe?
Plenty of love,

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  1. So many wishes, so little time. I hope you at least get to tick off half of your list Nat.