Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lovely Links of Late

lovely links of late

{ When our toddlers decide that nap-time is no longer necessary, life gets that much harder and more stressful. Sadie, from Brambles and Honey is discovering just that. Brambles and Honey is a blog I have begun stalking recently, I'm sure you'll love it to!

{ Designer Bride is the wonder team of two lovely young ladies (both mamas!) who work as a mobile hair and make-up service in Tasmania. I was lucky enough to spend my morning being pampered by Brianna and Kirby for our maternity photoshoot. A go-to team for all your glamorous needs!

{ '10 rules to raise terrific kids', sounds simple right? Aha Parenting gives you ten positive steps that any parent can master to raising happy, healthy and respectful children. The surprising part? The biggest rule is not to live by rules.

{ I love reading new mothers musings. The latest I have come across is a young mama (local to me) blogging about her daily life with baby Morgan. Pop by and say hello at Morgan and Me.

{ Cake Smashes are so hot right now. What is cuter than watching a baby smash into a cake? Watching a baby smash into a cake and love the beejeeberz out of it! These twins are so mischievous looking and the look of delight on their faces when tasting the frosting? Priceless!

{ What did we do before smart phones? No really, what did we do! I have a number of parenting apps on my iPhone and the latest I have downloaded is called Baby Zoe. I can't wait to start using this application to track feeding, weight gain, nappy changes and health appointments. Modern technology really is a blessing for parents.

{ This is a heartbreaking but beautiful recollection of a successful business woman's experience with stillbirth. She tells the story of Laura's birth; 8 years on.

{ Browsing Etsy treasuries is one of my guilty pleasures. I love this one titled 'That Special Day' by Eloise. It is full of the sweetest wedding details with a vintage and handmade feel.

{ A photobooth, especially for kiddies? Itty Bitty Booth would be a total party hit for the itty bitty ones and grown up ones a-like. Now I want to throw a kiddie party!

{ I've always wondered what having an older child will be like. Will it be more challenging? A breeze compared to the toddler taming days? This mama reflects on the different degrees of challenging when raising an older child.

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