Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest Post; Natural Health in Childhood

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Hello.  I’m Michelle from Mumma and the Kiddo where I share my ramblings and motherhood adventures. I’d like to start by thanking Natalie for asking me to guest post on her blog while she’s on her baby-moon with her newest wee girl. Congrats! I am here sharing my reasons for choosing natural health for my son, and why I am passionate about natural health in childhood.
While I was pregnant I was studying and a lot of my health science papers covered parenting topics, in particular child health and development. I discovered the importance of taking a holistic approach which involves much more than treating a symptom. It’s about considering someone’s whole body and how life situations impact the body. My decision to use natural and alternative health practitioners was based on their approach to health and illness. I love that there are practicing GPs who are using alternative medicine alongside conventional treatments.

I have great respect for the vast intelligence that our body carries in its ability to orchestrate trillions of cells in our body. In each second we make millions of new red blood cells. Our bodies are always balancing and attempting to keep us healthy. I believe that we need to stop and pay attention, to listen to, and befriend our bodies and explore and understand them. This is where I have found alternative and natural health practitioners beneficial to my son’s health. 

During Pete’s birth his head was transverse (sideways). It wasn’t able to be rotated, he came out with a badly bruised head and wasn’t able to turn his neck. The exercises the physiotherapist wanted me to do with Pete made him scream in pain so I decided to take him to an osteopath. After 2 appointments his neck significantly improved.

Pete also used to be a terrible sleeper. I took him to a holistic health and integral health centre and he was given a bach flower remedy and a magnesium supplement. We also did mind/body therapy. After this appointment Pete’s sleeping hasn’t been an issue. I have also used rescue remedies and bach flower remedies when Pete has been frustrated and worked up. They quickly calm him down. I found this really useful last year when my nana passed away.

There are lots of natural alternatives that work just as well, if not better. I trust my gut instincts. I am a firm believer that parents are the experts to their children and no GP, or naturopath or Plunket nurse is going to know your child better than you.

Thankyou for reading! 
Mumma and the Kiddo
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  1. Thanks Natalie, I hope you are doing well, can't wait to see cute baby photos xx

  2. I know of loads of babies and children who have benefitted from this kind of treatment when they don't sleep well - great post Michelle!

  3. You are so young and still so wise Michelle. Great post and I will keep this in mind for the future.

  4. You are absolutely right! I had a pediatrician that would always treat me like I was wrong whenever I had a certain feeling about something going on with my Lily, and she would basically try to bully me into doing what she "thought was best". Turned out I was always right- not her! -and needless to say we have a new pediatrician who does take my feelings seriously and works with us very well.

    Great post! I am now following you too, Natalie ;)


  5. We love Bach flower remedies! And I use their Rescue Remedy and Rescue Remedy Sleep regularly. We also love the chiropractor, homeopathics, and amber jewelry. And we have an amazing pediatrician who supports trying natural and holistic things before trying a more serious medical approach. :)

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