Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clouds and Comforts

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Winter is my happy place; most who know me, know this. The season brews a feeling of excitement in me, a feeling of comfort and wonderment. Although it's still Autumn here, Winter is teasing me with sneak peaks and pretty previews...and I love it! This afternoon I was lucky enough to have some escape time (I even skipped witching hour!) and the universe aligned some of my favourite things into one beautiful wintry bundle.

I met with my dear friend Sophie, sipped hot Monk Pear tea and munched on cashews whilst watching a storm unfold. Ahhhhh, the simple pleasures!

We sat outside in the sunshine and within five minutes, a clear blue sky turned a rumbly grey. Then came the crash of hail. Not often in this small town do we experience the thrill of hail. Erratic weather, however is a norm. That's part of the reason this place will forever be my home. I love our weather.

Sophie too, shares a love for the greyest of days. It was so rejuvenating spending some simple hours 'just being' with such an inspirational friend. I always leave a date with Soph filled to the brim with motivation and bursting with creative energy. It was just what I needed to unplug the mother in me and re-charge her.

What re-charges the parent in you? Does anyone else share the same intense love for clouds, umbrellas and raindrops?
Plenty of love,
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  1. The storm was amazing! My little ones enjoyed having a taste of the ice and jumping on the 'snow' covered trampoline (followed but a hot bath!)

    Re-charging is so important when caring for little ones, I enjoy time with friends, exercising and shopping alone! (All of which don't happen enough!)


  2. I love the rain and cold and Winter is my happy time. I love bundling into coats and boots and cute scarves!