Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mama Love Day.

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All I want for Mothers Day is slobbery kisses and crinkled up paintings. Call me crazy, but I don't even particularly want a sleep-in (Please note; this sentence may be retracted at any point in time). My true gift is with me everyday, two little girls who turn to me for love, comfort and guidance.

Although, I am not completely void of materialism. I still browse cleverly marketed Mothers Day catalogues and circle eye catching bargains with highlighters. So although I don't want any gifts, it doesn't mean I wouldn't be pleasantly surprised and secretly stoked with one of these goodies.Welcome to (yet another) wishlist!

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1. Weight training gloves from Sports Authority 2. Brillante black kettle 3. Revitalise spa melts by Dusk 4. Fruit and veg cloth by enjo 5. 'Pop down sweet flock' pendant by That Vintage 6. 'I Quit Sugar' chocolate cookbook by Sarah Wilson 7. Pana Chocolate gift box 8. Orla Kiely Stationary 

What goodies do you suspect will make their way to you this Mothers Day? What are you planning to treat your own mama bear with?
Plenty of love,
winterlove blog natalie

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