Sunday, May 5, 2013

Self Love Sunday

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Stop what you are doing (unless it is very important of course), put on an episode of Sesame Street and pull out the pacifying crackers if you have to, and visit this website. Yes, I know it looks uninviting, bland and white-coaty. But the next five to fifty minutes you spend there will be worth it.

I can't even remember how my Sunday night online reading lead me to this site, but being the introspective person I am I found myself taking Authentic Happiness questionnaires. What a dork I am! Although, hopefully what an authentically happy dork I am!

The most meaningful discovery for me was being shown my personal and character strengths, its very easy to get disheartened and negative if life isn't going the way you envisioned. For me, its when I am feeling less than challenged and productive. Being reminded of your personal strengths and capabilities can be a huge kick in the behind and give you the burst of motivation you need to tackle areas of your life that need sprucing, adjusting and changing. I'd definitely recommend you take the Personal Strengths and Character Strengths questionnaires, you may be reminded of who you are and inspired to be closer to who you want to be.

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I love accidentally discovering inspiration and self motivation! I'd be curious to hear what your results were? Were you surprised or secretly aware?

Plenty of love, 
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P.S. I've taken the notion of self-love Sunday from the beautiful and forever inspiring Amelia from Nurture and Shine. She often talks about self love and nurturing on her Instagram. She's given me a whole new bout of motivation for self awareness and self love.

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