Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lovely Links Of Late

lovely links of late

{ Living simply may mean living happily, what are your thoughts? Danielle from Sometimes Sweet ponders the question.

{ I love finding new reads that make me giggle and feel empowered simultaneously, give this one a moment of your time, I think you'll love it too!

{ Both of these posts are beautiful. Two totally different mamas, being totally honest about the insecurities they have about themselves when parenting their daughters. Two posts on self-awareness, self confidence and personal growth. Read them here and here.

{ There is too much silence surrounding mental illness in the world. If you read only one thing on Lori's inspiring blog, make it this page. 

{ Baby baby baby baby baby. I heart baby news!

{ 10 things not to say to your kids...I am guilty of at least 5 of these, but I'll now consider my words more carefully. Thanks The Kid Counsellor!

{ I attended my gorgeous cousins wedding in January, check out the stunning photos! It was a truly beautiful wedding.

{ Do you think you could give up yelling for a whole 365 days? A year of not raising your voice at your children, even in the most testing of times? This woman did! I am in awe!

{ Good to know- Products on Australian shelves that contain palm oil. 

{ Stress and parenting can come hand-in-hand like wine with a hangover. But, it can be managed and prevented. Don't let the everyday stresses of parenthood weigh you down, care for yourself like you would care for another.

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