Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lovely Links of Late

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{ I love discovering new artists, and even more lovely is discovering artists that are local. Michelle from Rock My Roll has some beautiful and unique mixed media works to her name, all of which come from her humble little home in Wynyard Tasmania. 

{ Mothers are so busy nurturing, they often forget to nurture themselves. Real Mantras For Real Parents gives some positive self-talk for any stressed out mama to live by.

{ I have fallen in-lady-love with this sweet blogger from New Zealand. I am probably very late to the party, but there's something about the atmosphere over at Here Comes The Sun that makes me feel all warm and cosy. Plus, Amanda is so holy-moly gorgeous!

{ The amount of times my thoughts have trailed to "What is my life purpose?" while hanging the washing or shampooing my hair is crazy. 'How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes' certainly caught my eye! As sceptical as you may find it, maybe it's worth a try! (I'm yet to find that 20 minutes to even attempt it, perhaps I need to look for a post titled 'How to find 20 minutes'!)

{ No matter how busy we are, having a clean house is still quite high on most mamas list of priorities. This Cleaning Calender by Pixingo sheds a little light on the never ending pile of work and creates a schedule that enables you to have a stress-free tidy and clean house almost everyday. Bliss!

{ What your child wishes you knew when he acts out. Thankyou Aha! Parenting. This article has helped me diffuse many a potential toddler meltdown lately.

{ Amanda Mocci is one of my favourite artists, so much so that her Athena design was the inspiration behind my tattoo. I am totally lusting over these iPhone cases over at Society6 and am having a seriously difficult time chosing my favourite. They are all so beautiful!

{ I've felt like giving up, and I'm sure many mamas I pass by in the street have too. It's a difficult gig. This post gives six reasons to never give up on motherhood and an insight into the bigger picture. A perfect read to clear the frenzied parents head.

{ Can you believe that in four months time I will be planning a first birthday party for Isla? Nope, me neither. This party has me dreaming of a career in event styling and gathering burlap like a crazed collector.

{ Dreaming of a high-tea styled afternoon at home? These high tea stands are handmade by a lovely lady using pre-loved china ware. I have one in my bathroom for hair slides and one in the kitchen holding apples and avocados. P.S. The lovely lady is my Mother-In-Law!

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  1. Thank you for all these links - I've only just found your blog and it's so lovely=)