Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Glitter in the coffee.

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Some days call for glitter. Or Splarkelys as Stella likes to call them. Splarkelys make everything much brighter on dreary and funky days, you can't scorn children with glitter on their little button noses!

As a parent we all have 'those' days, 'those' days tend to be my everyday some weeks. But, what if you could turn the day around? Throw a spanner in the works of a glum, tension-filled household? I know that once I am in a funk I find it super hard to get out of it, if our morning is filled with food-spilling accidents, sibling rivalry or a lost piece of jewellery it's pretty easy to write the whole day off as 'one of those'. Self-fulfilling prophecy answers our call and there you have it... a bad day.

Pretty simple cycle to get caught in really and with young children, it is oh-so-easy to do. Lately I have been challenging myself to take every moment as a new one in order to turn our days around and tonight I thought I'd share with you four fail proof turn-the-frown-upside-down tricks to put the shine back in your day!
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Glitter makes most toddlers smile. Yeah, it's kind of messy and it gets everywhere, but it makes everything look prettier. Even the mess will look pretty. I have every colour imaginable (Thank you Reject Shop) with a shaker top lid and let Stella shake it onto collages and paintings. When you're drinking that almost cold coffee and saying "Please don't wipe snot in your sisters hair" for the fifteen-hundredth time, the sight of a get away piece of glitter in your coffee has got to make you smile. Or cry. But lets hope for the smiles, at the very least you'll end up with a spot of glitter in your teeth and that will make someone else smile.
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I'm a big believer in naps, it really is a shame that my children aren't. Never underestimate the power of a nap for your child. Over tiredness really does fuel temper tantrums and although it may be a struggle convincing them to go, it will be worth it for the refreshed bundles they'll emerge as. Some days, when luck is really going my way...both of my girls nap at the same time or at least for a cross-over period of twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of pure bloody gold. Tea, crackers, Pinterest and grown-up TV; a sure fire way to get you back on your game.
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...to anything, for any reason! I've come to realise how much I sing as I 'do'. "Maaaakkking you a sandwich, oh you better eeeeeat it, don't throw it on the flooooor, or I'll probably lose my s#%t. Oh yeahhhhh." Obviously, sensor your raps and versus to suit junior ears. Singing seems to lighten the mood and dancing with a baby or toddler on the hip wards off negative energy.
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Tickles fix anything. I promise.

What ways do you brighten a day that starts out dull? Ever found yourself sipping a coffee grainy with glitter?
Plenty of love,
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  1. I am still reading! Glad you are making time for you again, I still struggle. But I feel similarly inspired recently, by home crafts and things my baby will grow up around.
    Hopefully I will get back to blogging soon :)
    Until then I look forward to reading your adventures
    Natalie x