Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bribery and buoyancy

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Ever bribed your child with a biscuit? Welcome to the club. Ever bribed your child with a biscuit so you can take a cutesy photo? Don't worry, I promise I won't tell anyone!

Stella was a bouncing bundle of polka-dots on Sunday, and sadly there was no way my overly confident toddler was going to let me anywhere near her with a camera.

"Stella can I take a photo of you? You look really cool."
"No, mummy. I'm busy. Maybe anuvva day."
"Stella please?"
"I said no please. Don't wanna photo!"
"If you let me take a photo of you, you can have a biscuit..."
"ohhhh... K."

Mission accomplished. Points for healthy and conscious parenting? 0. Points for a sweet girl chomping a biscuit and some super cute photos for my own guilty pleasure? 10.

Sometimes, a mamas gotta do, what a mamas gotta do!
Plenty of love, 
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