Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy parents equals happy children.

Happy parents equals happy children; equals happy parents.

I have heard a lot lately on the effect that a parents attitude, mood and behaviour can have and does have on children. Children read us. They are far more intuitive than we give them credit for.

After reading the quote "Happy children equals happy parents equals happy children" and having a particularly testing week with Stellas attitude, I decided that I would make a conscious effort to change my reactions to certain situations around our home. Instead of showing stress and frustration on my face and in front of Stella, I would put out an aura of cool, calm and collected. Whether I felt that way or not, that is the way my face looked, the way my attitude seemed. It's like the contagious smile theory, smile on the outside and you will feel a little happier on the inside. Pretending to be cool, calm and collected actually made me a little more C, C and C.

Sure enough, being the intuitive little bean she is, Stella picked up on my new found mood and reflected it for herself. I saw an ever so subtle, yet unmistakable change in her temperament. She seemed easier to manage during a tantrum and during 'arsenic hour'. Either that or I was managing with my own temperament a little easier. It is incredible the effect that such a small and easy change has made to our days. As simple as erasing a frown and adding a smile or replacing a sigh with a whistle. 

If you do one thing today as a parent to make your days a little more pleasant and the hard times a little easier, let it be smile. Pretend you are calm, pretend you are carefree and relaxed...Your attitude, behaviour and your childs attitude and behaviour should follow suit.

Lesson of the week; If you think you are, then you are.  Repeat after me... "I am cool, calm and collected". 

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