Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cousin love.

A few days back, Stella and her older cousin Ruby spent a day in the park together. It was beautiful to watch them laugh, run and play together.

One of my earliest and happiest memories as a child is playing with my best friends. My best friends being my younger Sister and my older Cousin. My cousin and I rarely fought and experienced many a family birthday party, BBQ and Christmas together. The days before school yard politics were bliss. Friendships were simple and almost always pleasant.

The close relationship between cousins is irreplaceable. It is the first bloom of friendship, and one to be cherished. I can't wait to see these two little girls grow up together and play the same games I too played with my cousin.


  1. Ahh cousins, your very first friends. We were lucky kids to have each other at a close age, feels like I spent every weekend with you! You will always have a special very loyal and protective place in my heart. Cousin love xx

  2. They look so happy together (and cute). It is such a special bond that hopefully they will have forever.