Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Drum roll...

I am sorry for my lack of blogging and web presence of late, I have had some very frustrating Internet issues which forced me to have nearly two weeks of Internet hibernation. It was both lovely and horrible at the same time, I was enjoying the break but also craving to write!

But, never fear. I'm back! Somewhat slower, but still back! And without further delay I MUST announce the winner of the 100 followers giveaway! 

Using RANDOM.ORG, The $50 That Vintage Etsy store voucher goes to.....

*insert drum roll here*


Congratulations Pam, I will be in contact with you very soon to organise the finer details of your prize! Thank you to everyone who entered and hello to all the new readers and likers. Here's to hoping my hibernation is over and may the blogging begin!

plenty of love...

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