Friday, August 31, 2012

Hanging up the boots...

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I sat down to write today; to creatively announce to the blogosphere and break the news to my readers that I was planning to 'hang up the boots'. I was going to write my last post and it was going to be about throwing in the towel.

Sadly, this was going to be it.

Blogging is something that has bought me immeasurable happiness over the past 18 months. It created an outlet for my ever accumulating thoughts and ideas and gave me something to strive for amongst the sometimes mundane lifestyle of a stay at home mother. I felt a sense of achievement when hitting publish on a post I had been working on for the night, more so it gave me a feeling of satisfaction, pride and excitement when my posts reached a wider audience. Maybe something I'd written had resonated with a mother...Heck, maybe it had even made a tired mother laugh, made a frustrated mother nod, or encouraged and inspired a mother in sadness. Developing this comfy space for mothers to visit was truly my passion.. You can read my post on why I blog here

About three months ago, I felt that I had reached a tiny milestone here on Winter Love. I began to offer sponsorship for the very first time, which not only opened up a new audience and paid some of my monthly credit card bill but it bought to me new faces and friendships. I wrote or planned nearly every day...I guess you could say I was high on blogging life!

Funnily, I just assumed this level of commitment would continue after little Isla came into the world. I was a super mama wasn't I? Wasn't I?! It wasn't long before the reality of parenting a newborn came and kindly shocked me. I have four humans to look after daily; A newborn to feed and settle 24 hours around the clock, a toddler to entertain, a partner to engage and connect with and, myself to keep alive and relatively healthy and happy. Oh and don't forget the household duties, friendships and sleep (What sleep!). In this crazy mayhem of motherhood my little blog had no space.

I attempted to put some dedication back into my favourite hobby numerous times, but felt disheartened and frustrated when after writing barely a sentence I was having to drop my train of thought in favor of a nappy or dummy.

Until today... Today something felt different.

I had been guiltily reflecting on my lack of writing and promised to write a short and sweet post letting my readers know that Winter Love was no longer. I opened my laptop and tapped out the words "Hanging up the boots..." When I stopped. I realised what had just happened. For one, I had the time to open the laptop, and two I had the motivation to mentally draft a post. That's when I realised; I couldn't let myself give up. And more importantly, I didn't have to give up.

I am a huge fan of the cute little saying 'where there is a will there is a way'. And today I had the will, and I am determined to find a way!

So, here's to hoping that my time management and multi tasking skills continue to improve and that the faint memory of routine begins to shine through in this busy families lives once more. Then, this comfy little space can be kept tidy and inviting for mothers to visit and love once again.

Are you still with me? I sure hope so!

Plenty of love,
winterlove blog natalie


  1. Please keep writing! You are certainly someone i look up to and i love following your blog! So many great things have come out of it for me, whether it be a new look at how i deal with certain toddler antics or a great craft project i can share with Katie. Whether its 4 posts a week or 4 posts every 6 months I will continue to read and support your blog! :) xx

  2. With you all the way babe!
    Darn you and your long winded post - I had to hold my breath right to the end, until I knew you hadn't turned your back on your "other baby".
    You need to give yourself a break - Motherhood is a tough gig, and it takes time to settle. Then of course, just when you get comfy, routines change and new phases are upon you. Write when you get the time, or when you are inspired to write. Do a post of photos only. Who says you are chained to a posting schedule. We will be here to read, whenever.

  3. Completely agree with the comments above Natalie, I have been worrying about this with my blog when our baby arrives (any day now!!) I have to be honest and say I just haven't decided, I know my family will be my priority and the momentum I have gained over the last month may just be a waste but I enjoyed it whilst it lasted!
    Enjoy your babies whilst they are babies, I love the saying live for today but plan for tomorrow. Keep things interesting for you and you will probably find your inspiration and motivation appearing anyway!
    I may need to save this and re-read over the next few weeks when my baby takes over!
    Natalie x

  4. I was wondering how you were going.... just be true to yourself.... do it if and when you can or want to.... we will still be here!

  5. No! Don't leave me! I love seeing you in my Google Reader and Facebook pages! Even if you reduce your blogging output, I for one would still love to hear your view on this crazy fun wild intense exhausting uplifting experience called motherhood- and I love to see your little ones grow too.